Middle East at War No.5

The Iran-Iraq War

Volume 1: The Battle for Khuzestan, Sep 1980-May 1982 by E R Hooton, Tom Cooper & Farzin Nadimi


The Iran-Iraq War began on the September 22, 1980 and ground on until August 20, 1988 which infamously escalated it into becoming the longest conventional conflict during the post-Second World War period. Saddam Hussein launched his first campaign of this long war on the province of Khuzestan, located in the South-West of Iran with its southern shores along the Persian Gulf.

  Many books have been written on this conflict, but this latest from Helion, which is part of their ‘Middle East at War’ series, looks at both sides thanks to access to now unrestricted documents. The highly experienced authors were also given access to US Intelligence and British government archives. Tom Cooper is a military aviation journalist and historian, E R Hooton a retired defence journalist and Farzin Nadimi a writer and researcher of Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf defence and security affairs are all, fully qualified to present the reader with a balanced account.

  The book itself is very nicely produced, its 112 pages filled with 120 Black & White and Colour photos, five maps and five diagrams. Broken down into seven chapters the book is rounded off with an Order of Battle for September 1980 and over two pages of detailed bibliography listing books, articles, essays, monographs, papers, theses, documents, Defence Intelligence Agency, UK National Archive and website sources. Within the centre of the book is an excellent array of colour profiles by Tom Cooper and Radek Panchartek. These include vehicles and aircraft from both sides such as a Chieftain Mk.5/3P, M60A1, M113, T-54, T-62, T-72, OTs, BTR-60, BMPs and a range of helicopters from the Bell 206 to the Mi-8T.

  Despite its size, this book is jam packed with excellent information about the early stages of the Iran-Iraq War and I look forward to seeing future volumes.

  Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy which is available from www.casematepublishing.co.uk.  


ISBN: 978-1-911096-56-6

Price: £19.95

Pages: 112

Format: softback – 297mm x 210mm

Publisher: Helion and Company Ltd.

Website: www.ampersandandpubco.com