The Patton Tank – Cold War Warrior

Images of War from Wartime Archives by Michael Green

Another AFV icon during the post-war period was the Patton family of tanks (M46, M47, M48 & M60) which first saw service during the Korean War (the M46) with the 6th Tank Battalion. US tank expert, Michael Green presents one of the best and largest (208 pages) of Pen & Swords excellent Images of War series which is tailor made for modellers whether by design or accident. Filled with black and white images from front to back the books chapters include a detailed look at the M46, M47, M48, M48A3, service in Vietnam, M48A5, Foreign Service, variants and accessories. Just like the Centurion, it is hard to believe the variants of the Patton still serve today while the M60 was not replaced by the US Army until the arrival of the M1 Abrams.  

As with the bulk of the IOW series, the photography is well selected, the captions add a great deal of background information and the main chapter text makes this one of the best books currently available on the Patton family.   

Thanks to Charlie Simpson at Pen & Sword for our copy.


ISBN: 978-1848847613

Price: £14.99

Pages: 208

Format: softback – 241mm x 188mm

Publisher: Pen & Sword Military