The Second World War & The Ancient Greeks in 100 Facts

Second World War by Clive Pearson & Ancient Greeks by Paul Chrystal

Some people get a little overwhelmed with military history and a large number of books produced on this subject can be a little stuffy and heavy going. If you prefer your history ‘bite-sized’ then these ‘100 Facts’ are ideal, especially for the younger reader who may be testing the waters before plunging headfirst into this vast subject. The first presented here focusses on the Second World War and while many of the facts cover very serious subjects there are a lot of anecdotal stories, including the reindeer aboard HMS Trident for example (you’ll have to read it!).

The second, equally engaging fact filled book, is about the Ancient Greeks and this really is a great way to learn about them. This is a broad period of time from the Minoans in 3200BC through to the Hellenistic period to 146BC.

  Each fact averages one to pages apiece and once you dare to open these crammed little books you will have great difficulty putting them down. These are great ways of learning a lot very quickly and once they’ve got you hooked you will be crying out for more!

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ISBN: 978-1445653532 (WW2) &978-1445656427 (Ancient Greeks)

Price: Both £8.09 (website price)

Pages: Both 196

Format: Softback – 197mm x 128mm

Publisher: Amberley Publishing