The Chieftain was something of a classic post war British MBT, though rather well known for issues with the power pack throughout its service.  It also went through something like 12 different marks, and in the end had additional Stillbrew armour blocks added to the turret, and a Thermal Imaging gun sight (TOGS).  This is the Tamiya kit of the earlier Mk V which Andy has made a very good job of here, having had it sitting unfinished amongst his self-named 'Parade of Shame', his collection of half built models.  Recently he has returned to the parade, and this is another one which has been brought through to a conclusion.  I think you'll agree, he has made a very neat job of it.
For those modellers interested in the Chieftain, there are of course a number of conversion sets available for it from Accurate Armour, and this includes a new one out only a couple of weeks before this model was finished, with the release of the Marksman turret to fit to a Chieftain chassis.