The Tommy of the First World War

By Neil R. Storey

Nicknamed, for reasons that still remain a mystery, ‘Tommy Atkins’ since the 1700s, the British infantry soldier was a different animal by the beginning of the First World War thanks to improved discipline and training across the whole of the British Army. Still a relatively small force in 1914, the BEF in Northern France expanded rapidly thanks to recruiting campaigns front by Lord Kitchener. This great little book by Neil Story takes us through the process of recruitment, equipment, training and the experience of ‘the poor bloody infantry’ during the First World War.

The book is presented in seven chapters; Tommy Atkins and the British Army; Mobilisation; Kitchener’s Army; On Active Service; The Wounded; Goodbye to All That and What Next? Filled with 80 excellent images, the bulk of which are from the author’s collection, ‘The Tommy of the First World War’ is a great book presented in a an easy to read and often light-hearted way. Great stuff!

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First published in MM4711

ISBN: 978-1-4456-6987-8

Price: £8.99

Pages: 64

Format: Softback – 234mm x 165mm

Publisher: Amberley Publishing