Thunder Model 1/35 Bergepanzer 38(t) Hetzer Late

One of seven designs based upon the chassis of the highly successful Böhmisch-Mährische Maschinenfabrik AG Jagdpanzer 38, the Bergepanzer 38 was a light recovery vehicle which served alongside units already operating the Hetzer. Powered by a Praga AC six-cylinder engine, 170 Bergepanzers were built although 64 of this total were conversions. A very versatile vehicle, the Bergepanzer could be fitted with a two-ton folding crane, a Baumgarten five-ton winch and/or a rear-mounted plough which is the main rendition presented by Thunder Models of this new kit for 2017.

This new tool will be a popular subject for AFV fans who like to build something slightly outside the box and the multiple display options, with regard to the crane and/or plough, will also make this appealing. The build begins with the Praga engine (if you are lucky enough to hand the ‘Limited Bonus Edition) and continues through 28 stages which conclude with the plough/blade assembly. The bonus edition also features a detailed gearbox as well, while the kit presented here lacks virtually all of its internal organs. The rather drab, yet comprehensive black and white instructions are complimented by a double-sided, laminated painting and marking guide which gives you two camouflage options; one in the Rhineland in 1945 and the other in Germany in March 1945.

This is a good kit, but for the price I would have expected to have received the engine and gearbox and maybe some extra internal detail as well for that money. That said this is something a little different from your standard Hetzer.  

Thanks to Rhiannon at Pocketbond for supplying this kit to Military Modelling for review which is available from


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 35101

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 350+

Price: £47.99 (Pocketbond)

Manufacturer: Thunder Model