Revell 1/35 Tiger II Ausf B

Another King Tiger kit to hit the market now, this time the Henschel turret version from Revell, who have re-boxed the ICM kit.  It takes a bit more to do than some others in building the lower hull, as this is built up for separate parts.  So, base, back end and sides.  While doing this you also have to fit the suspension bars across the hull as you get the two sides together.  Inside the hull, as well as the torsion bars, there are elements of the floor of the crew compartment.  Inside the turret you get the gun breech along with the detail on the inside face of the hatches.  So, if you have any of the hatches open, there is a little bit to be seen inside but only a little.

External detail is nicely done, and without using etch brass parts.  Some of those detail fittings in plastic are quite small. These include the brackets for the spare track links on the sides of the turret, as well as the lifting hooks on the engine deck and the armour plate over the driver's compartment.  A nice kit overall, though I think many modellers will want to replace the tracks.  They are a flexible black compound, I won't call it vinyl, and in four sections, two for each run of track.  They are OK but perhaps more basic than other KT Models.  Considering the cost of the model compared to others on the market, they are reasonable, especially if you are on a budget.

Finishing options include two variations on the well known example of tank 332 of the 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion during the Battle of the Bulge, in the Ardennes, as on 16 Dec.  Interestingly though, there is a second option for the same tank, this time on 25 Dec 1944, when it had been captured and marked up by the US Army 463rd Ordnance Evacuation Company at La Gleize.  A third option, in a quite different camouflage pattern, covers a tank from the 3rd Company of the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion at Cassel on the 31 May 1945.

Thanks to Revell for our example.

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