Tiran 4/5/6 Wrecks in the IDF – Pt.1

IDF Tank Wrecks Series (TWR-1) by Michael Mass (Author) and Adam O’Brien (Editor)

The first in a brand new series of books which will focus on the many retired AFVs of the IDF begins with the Tiran series of tanks; specifically the Tiran 4 (a T-54), the Tiran 5 (a T-55) and the Tiran 6 (a T-62). Many of these machines have been captured by the lens of Michael Mass and he rightly thought that these images would be most useful to the modeller. These slowly decaying machines have also proved to be a useful reference source for a number of specialist paint and weathering companies who have honed their products as a result.

The book is beautifully illustrated with 165 full colour photographs of these once proud operational machines now left in various states pending their fate which will eventually and most likely be the scrap man. Each image is carefully captioned and there is further information spread throughout on the many sub variants of these great tanks.

Special thanks to Wendy Myers at the Aviation Book Centre who are the UK distributer for Desert Eagle Publishing. Zelda M113 is available at www.aviationbookcentre.com (Product Code 00051MIL2).


ISBN: 978-965-7700-04-4

Price: £26.99

Pages: 84

Format: softback – 280mm x 210mm

Publisher: Desert Eagle Publishing

Website: www.deserteagle-publishing.com