Danish Leopard 2A5DK

By Bobber Møller and Carl Schulze

The very latest in Trackpad Publishing’s series subtitled ‘Model Foto Focus’, is this fully illustrated landscape book about the Leopard 2A5DK in Danish service. The 2A5DK is the Main Battle Tank of the Danish Army and has been in service since 2002 and thanks to its full armour package is, along with the Swedish Strv 122, the best of the Leopard breed in service to date.

The book begins with a single page introduction and by page 3 you are straight into the first of a dozen image packed chapters. There are no contents, but subjects covered by each chapter are In the beginning, In action, Head-on, Side-by-side, Running gear, The rear hull, The rear deck, The turret, Quick Response Force (QRF) in detail, QRF in action and Afghanistan detail. There are almost 500 images crammed into this excellent book which gives an average of eight photographs per page. As the chapter headings suggest, the imagery is all of the exterior and of a very high quality. Very little of the exterior has not been photographed and the general wear and tear of these powerful machines is conveyed in full colour with each photo informatively captioned.  

Once again, if you like Leopards this is a must and for those who like to have another general reference book to aid their weathering imagination, this book will also serve you well. Thanks to Michael Shackleton at Trackpad Publishing for our review copy.


ISBN: n/a

Price: £22.99

Pages: 134

Format: Softback – A4 (Landscape)

Publisher: Trackpad Publishing

Website: www.trackpadpublishing.com