Trident Miniatures 1/87 M109A7 Paladin PIM

First introduced into service in 1963 the M109 self-propelled howitzer has served in every major conflict since Vietnam and still continues to serve a number of the world’s armed forces today. The latest variant of this machine is the M109A7 ‘Paladin’ PIM (Paladin Integrated Management) which shares a number of major components with the Bradley such as engine, gearbox and tracks. Capable of a sustained rate of fire of one round per minute, this version of the M109 only entered US Army service in 2014 and is set to extend the life of this reliable artillery piece for decades to come.     

This very nicely moulded version of the Paladin has been produced by Austrian Company Trident Miniatures and is presented in 1/87 (HO) scale which is becoming increasing popular, especially with those who like to build a military themed railway. Each component, as would be expected from resin, will need some cleaning up and clearing of flash. The Paladin’s substantial turret has been cast in one piece and hatches in the hull and turret can be presented in the open position.

Thanks very much to Friedrich at Trident Miniatures for supplying this kit for review which is available from  


Product: Resin kit

Ref: 87168

Scale: 1/87

Parts: Approx 30

Price: Approx £36

Manufacturer: Trident Miniatures