Trumpeter Soviet 100mm Air Defense Gun KS-19M2

Introduced into Soviet service in 1950, the 100mm KS-19 was a substantial anti-aircraft gun which weighed in at over 21,000lbs and was over 30ft long. It was crewed by 15 men and was capable of delivering 15 rounds per minute over a distance of 13 miles (horizontally) and over 41,000ft (vertically) with a timed fuse and nearly 50,000ft with a proximity fuse installed. The KS-19 saw action with communist forces in Korea and Vietnam and I believe still remains in service today in Iran.

This Trumpeter kit is a new release for 2016 and it makes for quite an imposing piece of artillery in 1/35. The 260+ plastic parts are contained on five main sprues plus four tyres, a breech block and an eight-part PE sheet. The instructions are an A4-sized black and white, 16-page booklet which encompasses 28 stages of the build. There also a single A4 colour and marking guide; the former presents you with four different options for the guns main colour, Light Green.

The moulding of the parts and their detail is excellent; crew seats and the main firing platform not to mention the teeth of the elevation ratchets is particularly top notch. I also like the quality of the tyres for the front and rear bogies and the fact that the levelling outriggers can be operated. The gun can be presented in either travel mode or combat mode and if you go for the former it would be great to combo it with an AT-S Medium or AT-T Heavy tracked tractor.  

A very good example of a Cold War anti-aircraft produced to a high standard by Trumpeter.

This example was purchased from Creative Models.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 02349

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 260 + PE (x8)

Price: RRP £39.99

Manufacturer: Trumpeter