Victrix 28mm Early Imperial Roman Legionaries Advancing

As part of the ‘Warriors of Antiquity’ series, is this lovely set of Early Imperial Roman Legionaries by Victrix. Produced in hard plastic and supplied on two sprues, there are enough components to produce 25 highly detailed Roman soldiers armed with Gladius and Pilums. The 106 parts are all numbered and coded so that they relate to a particular soldier. For example, Centurion parts (C) include heads, arms and shields, the latter for either Legionary or Praetorian. Aquilifer (AB & AL), Optio (OA & OAB), Cornicern (M) and Signifer (SA/B & T) all explained on the rear of the packaging. The detail of these figures is outstanding; the Praetorian Signum and lion skins are particularly well-crafted.   

These are very high quality multipose figures which I highly recommend. Thank you Victrix for our review sample which is available from


Product: Hard plastic figures

Ref: VXA025

Scale: 28mm

Parts: 106

Price: £22.85

Manufacturer: Victrix