There is quite bit to cover in this news letter so please bare with me.
First up is the news that LBMS have now released 2 sets of Successor shield transfers and also a Hellenistic banner sheet. These have all been designed to use with the new Greek cavalry.
Secondly Steve at LBMS has created some Carthaginian cavalry from various Victrix components. His construction guide can be read below.
The Carthaginian Citizen cavalryman was a very simple conversion.
The components were as follows:-
Body, horse, sword, left arm all come from the new Macedonian/Greek cavalry set.
Shield, head and crest, right arm and spear come from the Warriors of Carthage infantry set.
Carthaginian Citizen cavalry as far as I know were not deployed abroad but did fight in Africa defending the home land.
The Libyan cavalryman was a little trickier, requiring some torso surgery! But did not take very long.
The components and process were as follows:-
Body, horse, shield, head and sword all come from the Warriors of Carthage infantry set.
Lower body (Legs and skirt)Left javelin hand come from the Spanish cavalry set.
Right arm and spear come from the Carthaginian Citizen infantry set.
Firstly I chopped the torso form the Macedonian cavalry figure as I wanted the Libyan to look a little plainer than the Citizen cavalryman. I wanted him to not have pteruges at the waist. I chopped one of the Spanish cavalry figures in half. It took a bit of knife work to get the torso and legs to join but only took a few minutes.
Once I had glued the torso and legs together and let them dry I used a little bit of green stuff to fill any gaps in the torso join. And that was the complicated bit over.
Libyan cavalry are recorded serving abroad as well as defending Africa, serving in Spain and may have served in Italy but I am not certain on that point. The figure I have made is based heavily on the illustration in Duncan Heads book "Armies of the Macedonian and Punic wars".

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