Above are renders of the Early Imperial Roman Decurion. This is the penultimate figure with a second mounted general still to come. The set will comprise 12 mounted cavalry figures and 2 mounted generals. Hexagonal shields plus oval shields for Praetorian Guard are also included in the set.  
Plastic Roman Auxiliaries. This set is now on general release and shipping. Many options including gladius, spears, javelins, bear skins, wolf skins, flaming torches and more.
Greek Heavy Cavalry


The 2017/2018 release schedule is as follows:


VXA029 Ancient War Elephants    Nov 2017
VXA030 Gallic Warriors Dec 2017
VXA031 Gallic Naked Fanatics Jan 2018
VXA032 Gallic Cavalry TBC
VXA033 Greek Light Cavalry TBC
VXA034 Early Imperial Roman Cavalry and mounted generals TBC


All the above are 100% digitally designed and are either at the tooling process or waiting to be tooled.


The following sets are either at the design stage or awaiting a design brief:

Republican Roman Cavalry
Celtic War Chariot plus armoured warriors & personality figures 
EIR war machines and archers
2/3 sets of ancient cavalry, detail to follow
3/4 sets of Dark Age Warriors, details to be announced later
2 sets of 28mm WWII, details to follow
2 new Napoleonic sets, details to follow

Obviously we will make changes if the market dictates but at present this our chosen path. Please do not ask for release dates, we will publish these as and when we get a clearer view on the design and tooling schedule.