Ammo Waffen SS Colour Profiles

Title: Waffen SS Colors ...
Authors: Jan Kubitzki and Carlos Cuesta
Publisher: Ammo of Mig Jiminez
ISBN: Unknown

...Camouflage Profile Guide

This is another new title from Mig Jimenez and his new Ammo brand, and very much a book for German armour modellers.  There is a brief text to introduce it all which includes the considerations of colour and the interpretation of that from old Black and White photos.  Bearing in mind their paint sets as well, they also include colour samples showing base shades of the various camouflage colours, along with shadow and highlight shades associated with them.

The book is organised into sections by unit, with examples taken from original photos where patterns and units have been identified.  There is a section at the end with a collection of profiles where interesting vehicles and camouflage patterns are known, but where units cannot be firmly identified.

Coverage is from the early part of the war, so a good selection of Panzer Grey equipment, right through to the end and the sand/green/brown combinations seen after 1943.  The other good thing is the wide variety of vehicles that are illustrated.  Yes there are Tigers, King Tigers and Panthers, but mixed in with half-tracks, motorcycles, trucks, armoured cars, self-propelled guns, Stugs as well as some captured equipment.  Some of these have been repainted, others have not, with just German markings over the original base colours.

So bound to be a popular title with German armour modellers I think with a large number of very well done colour profiles that offer so many ideas for a paint scheme for your next model..

For more details see the Ammo of Mig Jimenez website.