Concord Books - The Waffen SS in Russia

Title:  The Waffen SS in Russia, 1941-44
Author(s): William K Fowler
Publisher: Concord Publications
ISBN: 962-361-172-2

Another in the series of photo books from Concord is one of special interest for figure modellers.  It shows the Waffen SS units in Russia between 1941 and 1944, and concentrates on people rather than vehicles.  Uniforms and equipment are finee to see in regulations and years of production etc, but this is what shows how the clothing and the equipment were actually worn and used by troops in the field, adapted to what was available and what made life comfortable.

As in the years it covers, there are sections of photos from the heat of summer to the thick white snows of winter, plus all the glutinous mud in between.  Seeing photos like this shows where Dragon get the inspiration for many of their fine figures, ideal references for any figure sculptor.  The other bit of kit which features in a number of pictures, perhaps among the most I can remember in one book, is their use of the inflatable rafts and you will find a couple of interesting diorama ideas for these in here.  It includes one being towed along a wet and muddy road, along with a motor-cycle combination, by a medium field car.

The book opens with 3 pages of background text, then other than four pages with large colour plates in the middle of the book, the rest are very well reproduced archive photos, and the author has done an excellent job of providing some informative captions for each one.  Anyone interested in the uniforms of the SS during WW2 will find this one interesting.

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