Warlord 1/56 Marder Zug box set

Continuing the growing Bolt Action war gaming system is this quality box set from Warlord Games representing a trio of Marder III Ausf.H self-propelled guns. Created from a Czech-built Pz38(t) chassis and sporting a captured Soviet 76.2mm (re-bored to 75mm to accept the prolific PaK 40 ammo) PaK 36(r) L/51 anti-tank, the Marder was a potent piece of kit.      

Each Marder has two sprues, supported by a very nice eight page A5 instruction booklet, a stat card, damage markers and a decal sheet (which doubles with the Hetzer as well). At nearly 80 parts apiece, these 1/56 Marders are not the typical type of wargaming piece and would sit well in the scale modellers cabinet especially after some weathering. The Marder is quite a busy little kit and the build travels through 26 stages which is not that far short of some of the bigger 1/35 kits. There is a commander, loader and gunner with each machine and even these require some basic construction.

There are four finishing options; 2nd SS Panzer Division ‘Das Reich’ at Kursk, 1943; Winter camouflage, Eastern Front, 1942-43; ‘Ambush’ camouflage 71st Infantry Division, Italy 1943-44 and 15th Panzer Division, Afrika Korps, February 1942.  

While the initial sight of the price may put a few people off you have to remind yourself that these are just £16.60 each which makes them an economical way of building up your forces or filling out that diorama. Thanks to Warlord Games for supplying this product which is available at www.warlordgames.com.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 402012023

Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Parts: 231

Price: £50

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Website: www.warlordgames.com