Warlord Games 1/56 Churchill Tank

I think this is another first for Military Modelling; a review of a kit from Warlord Games who as we all know, are a well-established producer of 28mm plastic, resin and metal miniatures for the wargaming fraternity. However, as you have heard me bang on about before, the standard of these figures, vehicles, aircraft and buildings are well on a par with non-wargaming scale models and as such I know they will appeal to the general military modeller.

The first of several items received from Warlord is this 1/56 Churchill infantry tank which was produced by Italeri in partnership with Warlord as part of the latter’s growing Bolt Action (1939-1945) range. The kit is reasonably comprehensive; its 60 parts are held on three sprues plus a set of Warlord decals, three Bolt Action Statistic Cards and three damage markers representing white and black smoke and fire. The basic kit has been around a while and as such will require some clean-up from a flash and sprue attachment point of view. This task is quickly forgotten about when you realise that you are actually getting the option of seven Churchill variants with this kit; namely the welded turret of the Mk.III, VI and V CS or the cast turret of the Mk.IV, VI, NA75, AVRE (with a 290mm Petard spigot mortar (my favourite!)) and the Mk.V CS. Instructions are a single A4 double-sided sheet and the tracks are worth mentioning as they only comprise six components on each side, four of which is the plastic track. The rear of the box presents a range of colour schemes pertinent to each variant while there are enough decals to portray the tank with at least eight different units and three different armies.          

All good stuff and I look forward to seeing more from Warlord in Military Modelling. Thanks to Jamie Tranter at Warlord Games for supplying this kit for review which is available at www.warlordgames.com.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 402011002

Scale: 1/56

Parts: Approx 60

Price: £20 (Warlord Games)

Manufacturer: Warlord & Italeri

Website: www.thundermodel.com