Warlord Games 1/56 Opel Blitz/Maultier

A transport icon of the Second World War, the two-wheel and four-wheel drive Opel Blitz shouldered the burden of troop transportation for the German forces. Thanks to its basic design the Blitz could easily be converted into a variety of configurations including the Maultier or ‘Mule’ half-track. Warlord’s presentation of this old classic also includes the option to build the Blitz as a half-track and I suspect that many will take up this option. That said, you also have the option to build the Blitz with the canopy up or down; the latter would be the best so you can show off all the work you’ve put into the ten infantry troops supplied.

This is one of the most comprehensive single kit sets I have reviewed for Warlord and between the three sprues, the box contains 118 parts, a great waterslide decal sheet, clear acetate for the windscreen and side windows, two Bolt Action cards and smoke and damage markers. As always, the instructions are a joy and there is never any doubt as to which road you are following with regard to producing a Blitz or a Maultier. Colour guide options include a Blitz of the 18th Infantry Division, Eastern Front, June 1941; 1st Battalion, 33rd AA Gun Regiment, North Africa, 1942 and a Maultier half-track in winter camouflage circa 1942-1943 and an example serving with the 1st SS panzer Division, Hungary, March 1945. While it won’t take you long to construct the vehicle, I’m sure considerably more time will be spent on the ten infantry troops all of which have slightly different poses, different heads and varying equipment. This makes for an impressive and more realistic looking band of men in the rear of the vehicle once completed.

Worth every penny; the Maultier version is a particular favourite of mine; highly recommended! Thanks to Jamie, Paul and Kayleigh at Warlord Games for supplying this kit for review which is available at www.warlordgames.com.



Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 402012018

Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Parts: 118

Price: £18

Manufacturer: Warlord Games/Italeri

Website: www.warlordgames.com