Warlord Games 28mm British Union Brigade Cavalry

As part of Warlord Game’s ‘Black Powder’ Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815 series, we have this British Union Brigade Cavalry set in 28mm. This set allows you to create one of the three units of the 2nd Union Calvary Brigade, namely the 6th Inniskillings, 2nd Royal Scots Grey and the 1st Royal Regiment of the Dragoons.

The bulging box is crammed with six sprues with enough parts to build a dozen heavy cavalry, seven metal parts to build an officer and a trumpeter, a seventh sprue holding ten bases and an A5 information sheet. Further options are bearskin, oilskin-covered bearskin, a Grecian style helmet, oilskin-covered Grecian helmet, a bicorne and a watering cap. All parts are very well moulded and the detail in the horses, considering this is mainly pitched at wargamers, is excellent. There will be virtually no cleaning up for the plastic parts and minimal for the metal.

All of the horses are in a full gallop charge and as such, when all twelve figures are complete and grouped tightly on their bases, this is a very impressive display both on or off the wargaming table.   

Thanks to Warlord Games for supplying this set which is available at www.warlordgames.com.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 302011002

Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Parts: 166 + 7 metal

Price: £20

Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Website: www.warlordgames.com