Warsaw I

Tanks in the Uprising, Aug 1944 – Oct 1944 by Janusz Ledwoch

The greatest single military action carried out by a resistance group during the Second World War was played out over 63 days from August to October 1944 in the Polish city of Warsaw. Thinking that they would be supported by the rapidly approaching Soviet Army who instead stopped a few miles short leaving the Polish Resistance Home Army to their fate. Warsaw could have/should have been the first European capital to be liberated during the Second World War but instead was nearly raised to the ground by the Germans. This book takes a look at the Warsaw Uprising from the perspective of the tanks and vehicles involved which is a novelty because the majority of previous works on this subject have been far more general. What also whets the appetite is that this is the first of two books, the second being even more specialised by focussing on a particular battle during the uprising.

Built up areas like city streets are not the natural habitat of the tank and Warsaw in 1944 was the first time that they had played such a significant role in this kind of environment. This book does not just look at tanks but also all of the vehicles and weaponry involved, backed up by an incredible array of high quality photographs from front to back. The book is laid out in three large sections, the first contains eleven chapters which look at operations from August through to October 1944; the second part contains seven chapters on subjects including the Hetzer, Karl Gerät, Sturmtiger and much more and the final part is crammed with eleven Appendices. The latter is outstanding and includes in depth information on the order of the battle, Home Army units, German combat units and a graphic appendix with some lovely profiles of the machines involved from standard trucks to tanks.   

A highly recommended and high quality book. Thanks to Chris Lloyd of Chris Lloyd Sales & Marketing Services for our review copy which is available online and from most high street bookshops.


ISBN: 978-9197589-53-6

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Pages: 304

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