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Title:  Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions, 1939-45
Jorge Rosado and Chris Bishop
Amber Books

This is a re-printed edition of a book first published back in 2007.  This Guide to Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions of WW2 is a excellent groundwork for any modeller to have on their reference shelf.  It is broken down into 4 sections, with Chapter 1 covering the Pre-War Panzer Divisions (1st - 5th Panzer), then the additional ones formed in 1939, (6th - 10th Panzer), chapter 3 coveres the 1940-41 period when 11th - 23rd Panzer Divisions were formed, and finally the later divisions, 24th-26th, 116th and 130th.
Each division is covered in sequence, but they are broken down to cover chronologically the campaigns that they went through.  As well as the history, you will find details of unit insignia, and the equipment that they had at these various times.  It is profusely illustrated, not only with wartime photographs, but with an extensive use of colour profiles of the different bits of kit that they used at different times.  I also rather like the use of smaller sets of these profiles to illustrate the numbers that made up various sub-units within the divisions.  In the album below you will see a selection of the sort of text and illustrations you can expect to find.  With the idea of modellers using these as a reference to maybe collect and make up complete units could be an interesting challenge.
Well written, and very neatly presented, this is a very good guide to the 28 Panzer Divisions to keep on your shelf I'd suggest.
Thanks to Casemate Publishing, the distributors in the UK for our example, it is available now.

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