White Water – Red Hot Lead

On Board U.S. Navy Swift Boats in Vietnam by Dan Daly (new Edition)

Over 3,500 officers and men served aboard 130 un-armoured Swift (PCF – Patrol Craft Fast) boats during the Vietnam War. One of those men was Dan Daly who, after serving for 18 months on a destroyer, volunteered for Swift Boat duty, serving for 12 months in Vietnam during 1967 and 1968.

Daly presents a well-balanced view of what life was like as a Swift boat commander, the comradery, the many humorous moments that keep military men going rather than focussing just on the action. The latter though was a fight against an enemy that could easily conceal himself along the river bank or behind the many sand banks which featured along those dangerous rivers.

This is a beautifully produced book and don’t be put off by the page count; it’s one of those reads that you won’t put down once you get started. Littered with black and white images throughout, the books seven sections cover subjects such as Swift School, arrival in Da Nang, relocating to Chu Lai, An Thoi operations and much more. A great subject, well-written by someone who actually served. 

Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy which is available from www.casematepublishing.co.uk.


ISBN: 978-1-61200-478-5

Price: £25.00

Pages: 415

Format: hardback – 236mm x 159mm

Publisher: Casemate

Website: www.casematepublishers.co.uk