Wilder WWII German Crosses & factory markings for vehicles

WWII German crosses for vehicles (Variant 1). Wilder has a range of dry transfers for World War 2 German armour, dry transfers are quite popular with many modellers as their greatest advantage is the lack of carrier film. This set of markings consist of the traditional German cross both in black and white and the white cross. The crosses come in a large variety of sizes and will suitable for a variety of scales.

Dry transfers require care when applying but once applied suffer none of the typical problems sometimes encountered when using wet decals. When applying them they should always be applied prior to starting the weathering process.

WWII German factory markings for vehicles (Variant 1). This is an interesting set of markings that could be seen as having a limited appeal. This set of transfers is supplied to replicate commonly seen chalk markings seen during the fabrication and welding processes. They are designed to be applied to either a bare metal hull of an armoured vehicle or could be applied to a suitably painted sheet of styrene sheet. The set has a large number of markings with circles, numbers, calculations, directions (in German) and other welding symbols.

The transfers are white and the Wilder website has a very useful tutorial to help the modeller produce a very authentic finish. Overall a useful set for those modellers wanting to produce a vehicle that is being built. The modeller could also use these for many other scenarios. These should once again be applied prior to the weathering process and the weathering process will aid the realistic finish.

With thanks to The Airbrush Company Ltd/Wilder Products for these review samples which are available at www.airbrushes.com.

Brian O’Donoghue



Product: Decals/Dry transfers

Scale: Various

Ref: HDF-DT-3501 & 3503

Price: £10.00 (3501) & £10.50 (3503)

Manufacturer: Wilder

Website: www.airbrushes.com