Wings Over Sinai

(Middle East at War No.8)

The EAF during the Sinai War, 1956 by David Nicolle, AVM Gabr Ali Gabr & Tom Cooper

The French, British and Israeli side of Operation Musketeer is well published while the actions of the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) over Sinai in 1956 are poorly recorded, until now. Musketeer was designed to destroy the EAF which in turn would, in theory, toppled president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s government.

This well-produced book takes a serious look at the state of EAF not to mention the politics and complex lie of the land at the time. Despite its overwhelming superiority with regard to numbers and more technically advanced aircraft the destruction of the EAF during this conflict appears to have been exaggerated somewhat. The EAF was admittedly in an awkward position at the time, as it was converting en masse to Soviet–built types. It was a match for the Israeli Air Force but relentless bombing raids by the British and French took their toll.

This book helps to set the record straight with 120 black and white and three photographs and colour illustrations plus 15 colour profiles. The latter display the wide range of machines being operated at the time from the Spitfire through to the Mig-15. A highly recommended and refreshingly balanced viewpoint of a significant period of Middle Eastern history.   

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ISBN: 978-1-911096-61-0

Price: £19.95

Pages: 72

Format: softback – 297mm x 210mm

Publisher: Helion and Company Ltd.