Wittmans Last Tiger, poster of the 1/35 kit from cyber-hobby.com
Well, it may not be their first Tiger I kit, and it may not be the first Tiger I kit with zimmerit, but judging by the poster and the specific subject, I can't believe that this one won't be popular.  Perhaps the best known German Tiger ace of WW2 was Michael Wittman.  The story of his action at Villers Bocage pretty much settled his place in the Normandy histories.  Now cyber-hobby.com, who produce the limited run series of kits 'powered by Dragon' as they like to say, has announced this kit of his final Tiger I Befehlspanzer in Normandy, and which really did have the number 007!
Here we can see the poster for this new kit, along with a few photos showing a made-up example of the kit.  Looking at it, with the etched metal tool clasps and stowage bin locks etc, I have a feeling this will go down a storm, no matter how many Tigers you might have made before.  The DS tracks will generate some differences of opinions, though the fact they are generally including these nowadays, makes me assume that general customer feedback likes them.  I will guess that this one will sell very well indeed.
For those interested in the fate of Wittman and the real Tiger, I can best refer you to the book 'Panzers in Normandy, Then & Now' in the After the Battle series.  There author John Paul Pallud tracked down his burial place in the 1970s, and Wittman and his crew were moved to the La Cambe cemetery, where you will find them resting alongside each other today.  I understand they remain among the most commonly visited graves within the site.

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