Wooden Warship Construction

A History of Ship Models by Brian Lavery

There is no better way of describing and displaying how a wooden warship was built and construction than in model form. There are many historic ship models out there but to find the necessary range and diversity, the author for this good quality book has had full access to the largest collection of scale ship models in the world, all displayed at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. While plans can give us all the technical details we need, there is nothing better than a three-dimensional model made out of the same materials and constructed in exactly the same way.

This solid hardback is made up of seven chapters covering, Labour and Materials, Starting the Ship, Frames, Outside Planking, Inside the Hull, Fittings and In the Water. The Greenwich models are featured on nearly every page to back up what the author is describing and all have been professionally photographed to capture the incredible detail and information they contain.  If you like ships, especially wooden military ones, this book will teach you a great deal.  

A high quality book which is recommended to all ship historians and modellers. With thanks to Charlie at Pen & Sword for our review copy which is available at www.pen-and-sword.co.uk.


ISBN: 978-1-4738-9480-8

Price: RRP £25.00

Pages: 130

Format: hardback – 2247mm x 185mm

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

Website: www.seaforthpublishing.com