World War II Soviet Field Weapons & Equipment

A Visual Reference Guide by Keith Ward

The second in a series of books, sub-headed ‘A Visual Reference Guide’, the first was on German Field Weapons, this book by 3D technical artist Keith Ward is packed full of imagery of Soviet Field Weapons and a plethora of associated equipment. The ten chapters are headed; Small Arms, Personal Equipment, Grenades, Hand-Held Anti-Tank Weapons & Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, Mortars, Mines & Demolition Charges, Artillery & Crewed Anti-Tank Weapons and Anti-Aircraft Guns. That should give you an idea from the start how busy this book is!

Each page presents multi-view digital artwork with an extended caption at the bottom plus a technical information panel. For example the depth of information for a PMZ-40 mine includes the type of casing, type of explosive, weight, diameter, height and even the activation weight.

There is no lengthy introduction to this book, it literally is just the contents and then from pages five to 153 packed with military eye candy. My only criticism, which is more on behalf of the author, is that his work would have benefited from being placed on higher quality paper. That aside, this is an excellent book which leaves no stone unturned with regard to Soviet field weapons and equipment. Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy which is available from


ISBN: 978-1-909384-99-6

Price: £25

Pages: 160

Format: softback – 297mm x 210mm

Publisher: Helion and Company