A few announcements are due:
1. From today until next Monday we are running a post free deal on all orders over £60.00.
Discount code = Jan 2018
2. The Gallic Warriors and Gallic Naked Fanatics are likely to go on pre order in the second week of February 2018. We will confirm this nearer the time. A full range of shield transfers for our Gallic sets from LBMS are being worked on at present.
VXA030 Gallic Warriors 48 figures (6 command and 42 warriors). £29.95.
VXA031 Gallic Naked Fanatics (24 warriors including command options). £17.95.
3. The officer for the Early Imperial Roman Cavalry is final figure for this set. This set will now move to the tooling stage and sculpting will commence with the British War Chariot and personality set.