The model is Zevzda's ZIS-151 in 1:35 scale. This diorama depicts one of the many vehicles abandoned in the countryside around Pripyat, Ukraine after the Chernobyl incident contaminated them with radiation. This is a war surplus ZIS-151 pressed into duty being used as a utility truck for the city. The idea and inspiration for the diorama came after viewing the web site KidOfSpeed. For those not familiar, this site is a photo documentation of Chernobyl and the surrounding 'exclusion zone' by a young lady who has unlimited access. It is an amazing and sobering site.

The truck bed is scratch built using stir sticks and bits of Evergreen plastic, and the tiny boltheads in the truck bed were made with Small Shop's "The Nutter". The trees were weeds I found growing in the parking lot at work. I snipped the small seed pods off the ends of the 'branches' and used them as the 'mushroom' type growths on the base around the truck. The grass is a Silfor product, "Tall Prairie Tufts" Product No. 727-32" and the leaves are Birch tree seed pods. I made a stencil for the 'Radiation' sign and painted it onto a piece of plastic sheet.

The model and base were painted with Tamiya acrylics through an Iwata HP-CH. This diorama has been shown in competitions twice. The first time at the Santa Rosa/Petaluma IPMS show. It received 1st place in it's category.The second show was the Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society (SCAHMS).The diorama received a gold medal at this show. The base model, Zvezda's ZIS-151 was provided by Vinnie Branigan as part of the MilMod forum 'build blog'. The details of the basic build can be seen in MilMod's blog forum HERE.

I would like to thank Vinnie Branigan for providing the model and also thank 'Elena' and her amazing website for providing the inspiration.