German Heavy Tank Destroyer Sd.Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther

Following close behind in the tracks of Zvezda’s 1/100 scale ‘Hunting Tiger’ model (item No. 6206) is this new kit of the Jagdpanther tank destroyer. The model consists of 20 separate parts supplied on two small sprues of light grey plastic. The usual single sheet instruction leaflet is the only other item inside the box. No decals or painting instructions are provided with the kit.

Construction starts with the assembly of a three part internal frame, onto which all chassis and hull components are attached. Once the chassis and one-piece road wheel/track runs are pushed home, it’s on with the rest of the upper hull. The rear plate and exhaust pipes are next to be added, leaving only the main gun and bow mounted machinegun to attach completing the build. The machinegun (part A10) pushes into a slot in its armoured housing. Be careful when adding this, I found it to be the most fiddly part of the build, and lost mine to the ‘carpet monster’ for quite some time! The muzzle break on the main gun is moulded open, so drilling out the barrel from the front enhances the effect. Opening out the ends of the exhaust pipes with the help of a sharp scalpel blade also adds a bit of extra realism.

In general the method of construction is easy and a fairly sturdy representation of a Jagdpanther is the end result. Unlike their Hunting Tiger kit, where the illustration on the box top showed a vehicle missing many of the usual external details, the model inside actually has them. Here we have the opposite situation, where the box artwork clearly show a vehicle with front mounted towing shackles, towing cable, spare track links and armoured side skirts, none of which are represented on the kit. In fairness to Zvezda they always show images of a completed kit on the bottom of the box, so you can see an accurate representation of what you are actually getting. The moulded on details which have been reproduced, such as hatches, periscopes, and air filter are crisp enough and should respond well to pin washes.

A recommended an inexpensive way to expand an existing table-top panzer division, or perhaps as a low budget start to a collection. The review sample was despatched promptly by Hannants (


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 6183

Scale: 1/100 (15mm)

Parts: 20

Price: Approx £3.50

Manufacturer: Zvezda