Zvezda 1/100 German Heavy Tank Destroyer ‘Jagdtiger’

This 1/100 scale Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger) kit from Zvezda is a new, and I am sure will prove to be a popular addition to their range of AFV models intended to be used with their own ‘Art of Tactic’ (www.art-of-tactic.com) wargaming system, obviously the model could be used in conjunction with other 15mm army rule sets.

This kit comes packaged in Zvezda’s usual style with a colour box top artwork of the vehicle represented by the kit parts held within. The image Zvezda have chosen to illustrate their new Jagdtiger kit is a little misleading however, as it clearly shows a vehicle missing its’ track guards, bow mounted machinegun, spare track, and pioneer tools. The artist reference used to produce the image may well have been a post war museum example? When I turned the box over I was pleased to find the actual model inside retains all the external items missing from the illustration and that the model even has a bow mounted travel lock as moulded on detail. This can be seen in the three views of a built but unpainted kit. The bottom of the box also repeats scale information, overall length of the finished model (10.7cm) and informs us there are 23 parts to the kit.

As already noted there are 23 separate components to this kit, including the clip on ‘Art of Tactic’ marker flag, which can be attached to the model via a discreet locating point found underneath the hull. All components are mould in a light grey coloured plastic, and there is some surprisingly fine detail for a kit at this small scale and price point. The model has a relatively high parts count for a snap fit kit in this range, and because of this the build instructions are provided as a printed A5 leaflet instead of reproducing them on the bottom of the kit box.

The instructions are in an easy to follow diagram format, and assembly is simple. The model has two internal frames (parts A4 & A9) and a couple of parts (A11 & A12) that act as lateral braces, all the main chassis and hull components clip onto these. This system of construction works surprisingly well, and provided that you clean up any ‘pips’ of unwanted plastic from where the components were attached to the sprues, then this kit can truly be constructed without glue! The main gun barrel (A10) pushes into the mantlet, (A2) which in turn attaches to a small ball joint (A5). The completed main gun assembly can then be ‘clicked’ in place onto the front of the vehicle. The ball joint allows the gun barrel some degree of movement. If you feel confident to do so drilling out the end of the gun barrel certainly complements the scale detail that Zvezda have already put into this model.

The bow mounted machinegun and its housing push fits onto the front of the hull, in exactly the same way as in the King Tiger kit. The instructions show this being added before the main gun, but I think that it’s better to add this at the end of construction to avoid snapping it.

After being impressed with Zvezda’s kit of the King Tiger (item 6204) in the same series, I was very keen to see how their Jagdtiger kit would compare. I am delighted to say that I am very impressed with this new 1/100 scale kit. Zvezda could have so easily slapped a Jagdtiger upper hull onto their existing King Tiger chassis, but credit to them, they didn’t! As with the full sized vehicle, the Jagdtiger kit has a longer chassis length! Also gone are the over sized details like the unsightly armoured periscope cover that spoilt the turret of their King Tiger model, and spare track links are now reproduced as moulded on detail, which further simplifies construction.

Despite suffering the usual oversimplified detail on the main tracks, the fact that all hatches are moulded shut, and the lack of a decal sheet, this is a great little kit of a large vehicle. I am happy to recommend this model to the younger less experienced modeller. With care you can truly build this model without glue, even I was happy to use glue sparingly on this build! Nice one Zvezda, now could we please have a late war Tiger I, and a Porsche turreted King Tiger to complete the Tiger family line up?

I have noticed that the price of these snap fit 1/100 scale kits are going up, but I think that they still represent good value for money. The review sample was purchased from Hannants (www.hannants.co.uk) and at the time of writing cost £3.50 plus p&p.



Product: Plastic kit


Ref: 6206

Scale: 1/100 (15mm)

Parts: 23

Price: Approx £3.50

Manufacturer: Zvezda

Website: www.zvezda.org.ru