Zvezda 1/72 Yak-130

First flown on April 25, 1996, the Yakovlev Yak-130 ‘Mitten’ is a two-seat advanced trainer which primarily serves with the Russian, Bangladesh and Algerian Air Force. The Yak-130 can replicate a number of current generation fighters and as such makes it an ideal stepping stone before pilots are streamed towards allocated operational aircraft. While a light attack version of the aircraft has since been shelved, the Yak-130 has a ground attack capability of its own thanks to six underwing hard points.

  This kit from Zvezda is a completely new tool and makes for an unusual addition to your modern jet collection. A plain brown, sturdy box is contained within the bright outer box with a dramatic image on the front and five images of a completed example on the rear, plus a little bit of history. Inside the inner box you will find nine sprues, a comprehensive decal sheet and an A4 black and white instruction booklet. Only the two larger sprues (A & B) contain the parts needed to build the Yak-130, the remainder are an impressive array of stores and ordnance which you can hang off the aircraft if you choose at the end.

The build does not start in the traditional, cockpit first way but instead starts with the rear fuselage complete with the twin Progress AI-222-25 turbofans. Once the rear section of the aircraft is complete you move onto the forward fuselage complete with the two-seat, tandem cockpit arrangement. The forward fuselage slots neatly into the rear of the aircraft and both sections are made even more secure by the shoulder mounted wing, the upper side being one component. After installation of the lower panels you will have just about cracked it and you can start loading those pylons up.

There is a colour guide at the rear of the instruction booklet, although it is in black and white, for three different Yak-130s. These are serving with Borisoglebsk Training Centre; a Victory Parade 2017 machine and the 116th Guards Ground Attack Air Force, Lida in 2017.

This a very interesting build of an unusual aircraft; good ’thinking outside of the box’ model design from Zvezda.

Special thanks to The Hobby Company who are the UK distributor for this kit. www.hobbyco.net.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 7307

Scale: 1/72

Parts: 176

Price: Approx £17.00 (multiple outlets)

Manufacturer: Zvezda

Website: www.zvezda.org.ru/en/